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Industry Metric Dashboard at Your Fingertips; Data on Demand at Collaborate


Over the past few months now, I’ve been closely following a variety of industry stats and metrics, gathered from both industry reports and our own customer base. In turn, we’ve shared this data with you, both with a series of monthly blog posts and by giving you direct access to our Viewpoint Product Activity Index.

A Construction Data Crave

Our activity index has shared some revealing industry trends ... and is growing a steady stream of followers.

The data we’ve seen thus far have been mixed signals of positives and negatives in terms of industry trends and metrics, showing some of the direct and indirect challenges contractors have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Two things have become very clear over these past few months: 1) the construction industry continues to show resilience, despite challenges; and 2) construction professionals like you really, really like having access to more data like this.

The positive response we’ve received by providing these metrics dashboards has been overwhelming. Not only have my monthly blog digests been well-read, we’re seeing many folks going directly to the index to keep tabs on the latest trends themselves. Having this data at your fingertips can help you better understand market and business conditions and give you a better idea what your peers and colleagues are doing.

We’ll still be sharing some key highlights with you moving forward, as well as look at more data points and metrics we can add in the weeks ahead. Remember you can visit the index at any time for on-demand updates around the latest construction trends.

Construction Data and Metrics a Central Focus of Collaborate 2020

Delivering stronger construction data, faster is one of the central themes of Viewpoint Collaborate 2020, with many sessions focused on data, analytics and security.

In the meantime, all of you data-driven construction professionals won’t want to miss our Viewpoint Collaborate 2020 Conference next week (Sept. 22 and 23). This virtual event highlights the latest construction best practices and technologies fueling today’s data-driven contractors. With industry experts, Viewpoint product specialists and thousands of construction professionals representing virtually every construction role, Collaborate has become the go-to construction technology conference in our industry.

Oh, and did I mention it’s FREE? And you don’t even have to be a current Viewpoint client. Sign up now so you don’t miss out.

Data and analytics will be on full display at Collaborate, and here are four sessions I am co-presenting that you might find especially interesting:

Data for Construction
Integrated technology solutions like Viewpoint Analytics are allowing contractors to become more data-driven in their decisions — improving productivity and profitability, while minimizing risks.

V4 and S4: Democratizing the Data: Promoting a Data Culture by Easily Expanding Access

As a finance professional, you often have access to "the right" company data. However, that's not always true for your colleagues around the business. Making the right data available to others, in a consumable way, can be a challenge - and one you don't have to solve for anymore. Learn how to build and develop an internal data culture that focuses on getting the right data accessible for actionable and accurate results. We are doing this session for both Vista (V4) and Spectrum (S4) users.

IP5: The Blueprint: Selling Leaders on Cybersecurity & Business Continuity Investment

2020 has highlighted business continuity and cybersecurity risks like never before. And as access to your business increases, so can the risks. Take steps to protect yourself by understanding key cyber security risks for construction companies, what to focus on and what to avoid. We'll discuss establishing priorities through assigning value to data (e.g. BIM, PII, PHI, job site photos), the challenges of a mobile workforce with potentially high personnel turnover and third-party risk associated with collaborative data sharing outside of your company.

IP7: Construction Analytics: How to Successfully Interpret & Apply Data

Contractors have truly begun the true analysis of their business data to arrive at meaningful insights and customized intelligence, but typically businesses with all the best intent are not exactly sure where to start with analytics - and what's worth their time to explore. Learn more about the process of starting an analytics project and some basics on how to apply them with success to improve your business outcomes.

Of course, this is only a taste. We have more than 30 sessions on a variety of topics, as well as exclusive keynote presentations, a virtual exhibit floor, on-hand training and help and much more. View the full Collaborate 2020 agenda. I look forward to seeing you there!

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Anne has recently joined Viewpoint to lead the incubation and innovation of new data first services to revolutionize our customers and the construction industry at large. For the past eight years, Anne has worked in the Trimble Transportation vertical were she lead analytics initiatives and applied statistical theories of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting quantitative data using tools such as python, and Tableau. Anne has a master’s in Analytics from Villanova.

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