Increasing Productivity in Your Specialist Trade Business


If you’re like most specialist trade companies out there, your projects probably follow a similar pattern.

First, there’s excitement when the job is awarded. Then there’s a flurry of activity getting everything ready to start, and then you’re out of the gate at a sprint, ready to get the job done on time, on budget, and exceeding everyone’s expectations. Your foreman has all the plans and specifications, you’ve set up your health and safety plan in your health and safety software for subcontractors, and you’ve been attending all kinds of kick-off meetings.

Unfortunately, that momentum doesn’t always last. At some point, you probably also reach the mushy middle, where things slow down, problems appear out of nowhere, and you struggle to reach productivity targets.

Things probably pick up again towards the end of the job, but then you reach the point just before you’re ready to hand the project over to the customer. Suddenly, it feels like everything slows to a crawl again, and you just can’t get to the finish line.

The good news is that good specialist subcontractor software has been built to solve all of these problems and more. Here’s how you can use technology to improve your productivity, increase subcontractor safety on your job sites and much more.

1. Constant Quality Control

One of the most important things you need to do on any job site is maintain quality standards. No matter what kind of subcontractor software you’re using, make sure it has a powerful quality management system.

Nothing kills on-site productivity faster than having to redo things because they don’t meet client standards, and if you’re regularly dealing with non-conformance reports, this should be at the top of your to-do list.

3. Detailed Documentation and Audit Trails

Sometimes, a small issue on your latest job site spirals out of control, leads to more questions, and has everyone on the project team asking all kinds of questions.

If you have proof that you’ve followed project specifications, met all required regulations, and followed all on-site regulations, it’s a lot easier to get past this and back to the job at hand.

Specialist subcontractor software that also serves as audit trail software allows foremen and site supervisors to document every step of the project quickly and securely online is a game changer. It means that when questions do arise, you’ll not only have answers but proof too.

There’s also a lot of software out there that doesn’t do enough or doesn’t quite deliver what it promises.

Software Is a Great Investment

If you’re on the fence about specialist subcontractor software, you’re certainly not alone. There are lots of companies that aren’t sure if specialist subcontractor software is a good business decision.

There’s also a lot of software out there that doesn’t do enough or doesn’t quite deliver what it promises.

However, if you take the time to research specialist subcontractor software properly and look for something that combines the most important features you need and that has great support, it really is a great investment for your subcontractor business.

Think of software as a tool that saves time – like a top-of-the-line nail gun or a laser level. You can still get the job done without them, but it will take much longer, the results might not be as good, and you’ll make less profit because you’ll spend more time getting the job done.

About Field View

As you’ve probably gathered, Field View is more than just construction snagging software. Viewpoint Field View is a construction site management app that allows workers to capture, share and report site progress. Field View allows contractors to quickly resolve issues, mitigate risks, check snag items off their to-do list faster, and deliver higher-quality projects.

This gives your project and operations management team the tools they need to create customised reports, view real-time project data, and make critical decisions faster. Better project management not only ensures that you have better productivity (and bigger profits), but it will also change the way you’re seen in the industry.

Specialist subcontractor health and safety software, subcontractor snagging, and project management software have come a long way, and they really do change the way subcontractors and trade specialists get the job done.

So while you’re looking for snagging software that helps you to get to final completion faster, look for tools that do more, deliver better results, and bring everything you need to manage your jobs better together.