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How to Streamline the Payroll Process With Construction Timecard Software


Are you using disconnected construction timecard software or outdated manual methods?

With today’s fast-paced construction business environment, manual, paper-based processes and disconnected software programs aren’t the best ways to collect employee timecards. There are multiple moving parts and often cumbersome steps associated with outdated construction timecard methods. So, organizations are losing large amounts of precious time — at a time when streamlined business continuity is so important.

What are the Costs of the Wrong Construction Timecard Process?

Time card sheet being filled out manually.
Manually recording work hours can take up unnecessary time and increase risk in payroll error.

Without digitized, real time workflows that modern construction software provides, it’s easy for mistakes to be made—and when it comes to employee paychecks, that’s not an area any business wants to mess up. Here are just a few reasons why disconnected and manual processes can do more harm than good:

  • With employees working remotely from various locations, it takes longer than necessary to collect construction timecards in a timely manner
  • Considering some businesses are still using paper-based timecards, these physical pieces of paper can easily be misplaced or lost
  • With employees having to manually record their time at the end of the day, there is risk of office staff having trouble reading handwriting and guessing employee hours
  • Construction companies that are using disconnected software systems have to copy or rekey hours form one system to another — often leading to mistakes
  • When errors or issues are discovered, it can be time consuming and difficult to track down employees or supervisors for clarification
  • If timecard sheets are lost and that information is not backed up, information can be lost permanently or take too much time to find
  • Ultimately, no human is perfect and mistakes are bound to happen

How the Right Timecard Software Can Streamline the Payroll Process

Construction worker on site using mobile device.
HR construction software works to streamline tasks between the office and field. This gives employees more time back in their day to focus on other projects.

To solve the construction timecard conundrum that contractors have faced over the years, many are modernizing their construction operations, opting to replace multiple systems with an integrated, cloud-based suite of solutions like Trimble Construction One. By modernizing with a single integrated system from one vendor, contractors can connect their people, projects and processes in real time, with instantaneous data flows and workflows between the field and office at all times. This makes once-arduous tasks like construction timecard collection and payroll processing seamless and timely.

In the field, workers or supervisors can collect accurate timecards via simple to use web or mobile timecard software. Once gathered, that information can be synched to the back-office ERP in seconds, where payroll clerks can immediately process directly in the system rather than rekeying data from multiple sources.

This means:

  • Less time spent trying to pull together labor hours and enter them into spreadsheets, disconnected software or even driving or phoning them into the back office
  • Shorter amount of time spent retyping data in the back office, as everything needed is housed in one place
  • Smaller risk of timecard errors on both ends
  • Fewer chances for data to be lost via paper forms or data transfer processes
  • It’s easier to spot potential errors and problems and alert teams when action is needed
  • Payroll data is backed up digitally and audit trails are instantly created

Beyond Streamlining the Payroll Process

Tablet with employee earning statement on the screen
With Trimble Construction One, HR departments are equipped to be able to better serve their company by allowing employees to self-service their own HR needs.

The benefits of an integrated, cloud-based software suite doesn’t just end with timecards. Contractors are taking huge burdens off of their human resources teams by digitizing and streamlining HR workflows and processes as well. One key way? Letting employees self-serve their own HR needs.

HR employees have to manage enough in their daily jobs without needing to deal with the hassle that comes with payroll. With technology like Trimble Construction One , it’s easier than ever for professionals to self-serve their HR and payroll needs. Providing access from most devices, employees can find portals, tools and other online features available to them whether they are in the office or the field. And, as we continue to work through the current pandemic, the self-service approach will also help to reduce reliance on paper timecards and manual processes.

To learn more about Trimble Construction One and how Trimble Viewpoint can help implement self-service technology at your company, please contact us.

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