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Getting Started With Project Management Software


Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to commit to the future of your company by deciding on a construction project management software solution. We’ve compiled four first steps to guide you through the basics of what to do next.

By now you’ve hopefully determined your immediate and long-term goals for using a project management software. Whether your focus is on connecting construction teams from field to office, managing equipment, or to simplify workflows and bids, here are a few items to address before diving in.

Unite executive leadership

Owner commitment is imperative to successful implementation of anything within a dynamic business. Implementing a new construction software is no different. Executive teams influence company morale and adoption. When the project leaders are regularly using this new software, the rest of the team will follow suit.

A recent report found that one of the major barriers of easy adoption is lack of sufficient leadership to help a business implement new technology. With a unified vision and buy-in at the executive level, your new construction software will have a better chance at a successful start.

Update and train your team

Explain why the company is integrating a mobile software solution. Being a transparent leader can strengthen relationships within an organization. By explaining the long-term goals of the decision, your team can get on board with management’s vision. Studies find that many construction software strategies don’t succeed because company leaders withhold why decisions are made on an executive level.

Provide training as needed. Don’t expect your team to inherently know how to use a new system. Making it easy for all to use is key to using construction software. Viewpoint offers 24/7 training, either self-paced or with a Viewpoint instructor. Regular webinars and white papers are designed to keep your team abreast of the latest updates and features of our products.

Audit your devices

Make sure your team has devices to implement the new construction software. Will they be using personal devices or company-supplied? Are software versions updated? If they will be using personal mobile devices, consider how security and company information are protected.

Your team’s tablets, cell phones, and laptops are about to become virtual binders. Whether or not to invest in mobile technology should be part of an overall strategy for your construction management software.

Integrate your information

Viewpoint’s customer service team and technicians work with you to sift through all your company data, documents, and information to upload into your new construction software. While this may take a bit of time up front, remember the end goal is to simplify workflow, invoices, bids, strike-offs, project management, and more.