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Women in construction make up 10% of the industry.

Women in Construction Week (March 5-11, 2023) has arrived, and we at Trimble Viewpoint are here to celebrate!

For decades, the construction industry has been a male dominated sector in terms of its workforce. Thankfully, that dynamic has been changing in recent years as more women have gravitated to construction careers, bringing with them positive impacts from the executive ranks to the jobsite—and everywhere in between.

However, while we have seen great strides and advances in developing a more inclusive workforce, with both construction companies and industry associations prioritizing the hiring and promotion of female professionals, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. A large gender gap still exists within the industry, and women still only make up 14% of the construction industry.

Promoting the Voices of Female Construction Leaders

To recognize and honor the women who make up that 14%—and promote continued efforts to close construction’s gender gap—we’ve asked some of our customers to share the positive changes they’ve seen in the construction industry. Here are a few of their responses:

"If you see a job that you think you may not be cut out for, try!"

“Construction isn't just a man's world anymore. We have been trying to source women for all of our field jobs and even office jobs. My tip is just go for it! If you see a job that you think you may not be cut out for, try!” —Miranda W., Rogers and Sons Inc.

“The role of women in construction has changed for the better as women bring their skills and analytical thinking to the forefront of the construction industry.” —Myron B., Hatzel &Buehler, Inc.

“I think it is amazing the shift we are seeing. There is definitely so much potential with adding more and more women in the construction industry. I definitely believe this will help in the labor shortage.” —Chris G., Prairie Electric, Inc.

“In the past, women in the construction industry were just "the girls" in the office. And the few in the field were known throughout the area by name, only to be called on for jobs with minority reporting, and the PMs. Now I see many more women in the field as part of the standard workforce and the women in the office have moved into senior management roles and are becoming leaders in our industry.” —Colleen W., Hatzel & Buehler, Inc.

"The opportunities in the construction industry have improved for women."

“Women are having an ever-increasing role in the industry. But there is still work to do and I am glad that the industry is taking notice.” —Tim S., Rogers & Sons, Inc.

“The opportunities in the construction industry have improved for women, especially engineers. Technology has increased the interest of women and improved the cultural environment, making it less intimidating.” —Melanie P., PLH Group Inc.

“The presence of women in construction has increased over the years. I have worked with many and one thing I tend to remind women is they are more than capable of doing this job like any other man. So they need to believe in themselves, have confidence in their decisions and learn to stand strong when they are met with a wall.” —Elizabeth S., Arctic Slope Regional Corporation

Women are increasingly playing a more significant role in construction across a variety of roles. And, as younger generations of professionals enter the workforce, making construction careers attractive to women as well as men is going to be pivotal in helping curb the construction industry’s ongoing labor shortages.

We hope you will join us in celebrating Women in Construction Week as we work to raise awareness for greater diversity, equity and inclusion, while also recognizing those who are already working today to make positive shifts in construction for a better tomorrow.

Interested in hearing more on the topic and learning how you can help create change? Join us on March 8th for our upcoming webinar, Building the Future: Empowering Women in Construction. You will have the opportunity to hear from a live panel of talented women as they share their personal journey of overcoming barriers, how they’ve seen the industry change, and what leadership opportunities look like for women today. Register here.

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