Join us at Trimble Viewpoint User Summits 2023!

Customers are Lining up for the the Hands-on Construction Software Event!


Last year, you asked for more hands-on user sessions for beginners and experienced construction ERP users.

This year, that’s exactly what you get.

“I always pick up new things! I always leave thinking, ‘I’m going to have to go back to the office and try that!’ It’s always a great experience to hear what other users are doing.” - Lorie Eaker, Adolfson & Peterson Construction.

Spectrum and Vista ERP users each have their own 2-day virtual event.

On Day 1, attendees can choose sessions from multiple options like “Automatic Invoicing: Save Time, Money (& Mistakes), or “Using Vista to Drive Greater Pre-Construction Workflow Accuracy.

On Day 2, choose from “deep-dive” sessions that are longer and more in-depth, like “Paying the Bills” and “Vista Field Tools.” You can earn CPE credits from most of the session if you attend live, so register today and get up to 7 CPE credits! (You can still catch the sessions on-demand if you miss it.)

    See the event FAQ for more detail on CPE, who should attend, and more.

    “Employees are first. We’re never making a decision based on what will bring the profit up. We’re going to have a conversation with the guys in the field, to show them the “why,” and create a buy-in culture in the company.” - William LeBlanc, Trademark Plumbing

    Find your “why,” along with the “how,” at the Trimble Viewpoint User Summit this April!

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