Enhancing Compliance in Construction: The Power of Construction Technology


If you work in construction compliance, you understand just how devastating delays can be to any project. Unfortunately, when your job sites are not compliant, delays are always a possibility.

Whether it’s health and safety officers stopping unsafe work or incident investigations after something goes wrong, it all has far-reaching ramifications.

These days, most companies that operate in the construction industry have some kind of system for compliance management in construction, so they can keep their crews safe and their jobs moving forward. However, if you’re still struggling with outdated paperwork and spreadsheet-heavy systems, you might not be meeting all your compliance goals. Let’s take a closer look at how construction technology for compliance can help and how the right software can reduce or even eliminate common compliance challenges in the construction industry.

Understanding compliance in construction

Construction team stood on site, in a circle, chatting

When you’re running a small construction business with a handful of foremen and field crews, managing construction compliance manually is a lot easier. There’s more time to ensure you get the right paperwork at the right time, and it’s easier to solve problems as they arise.

However, once a construction company reaches the tipping point that takes them into the realm of medium to large businesses, things get a lot more complicated.

Not only are you probably tackling bigger, more complex projects, but you probably also have a lot more people on your team. Making sure everyone is dotting all the I’s and crossing all the t’s becomes almost impossible when you’re a big company.

Part of the problem is that construction regulations like the Building Safety Act are always changing, so it’s very hard to maintain that all-important “Golden Thread” of information and ensure you’re doing everything as required.

Case Study

The Role of Construction Technology in Compliance

On-site project debrief on a construction site featuring 3 construction workers

Twenty or thirty years ago, things were a lot simpler. Most construction companies took on fewer projects at a time, and those they did tended to take longer to complete. Today, to stay competitive in the construction industry, we all have to maximise productivity, reduce costs and deliver on time and on budget.

At the same time, health and safety and other building industry regulations have got a lot more complicated, and it takes a lot more to stay compliant.

While improved job site safety is always good, it makes compliance management in construction much more difficult. There are more checks and balances, more paperwork, and more things your people could miss on site.

That’s exactly why improving compliance with software makes so much sense.

One of the biggest compliance challenges in the construction industry has always been getting the right information from your job sites at the right time. There’s not always time to fumble with paperwork or struggle with spreadsheets, and your foremen and site supervisors have a lot on their plate to ensure that the job gets done.

Construction technology for compliance gives your people a quick, easy, and accessible option. It allows for real-time data capture for compliance, and by building the right processes and workflows right into easy-to-use apps and platforms, it allows for automation in compliance management.

Imagine never having to phone your foremen to remind them to drop off their site diaries or incident reports or searching through folders and files to find that critical piece of paper when you need it.

Field View checks all of those boxes and more. Find out firsthand how companies like RED Systems have been improving compliance with software, getting more done, and avoiding costly delays.