Trimble Dimensions 2023: Find Your Flock


Formula 1 executive Mark Gallagher headlines the keynote!

There’s a lot of fun and excitement planned for Trimble Dimensions 2023, but we know you can visit Las Vegas for fun on your own time. What makes the Dimensions construction conference so special? “Your people” will be there.

It’s structured so you can meet YOUR people: Your peers in construction, others who use the same software you do to solve the same problems - and maybe with solutions you haven’t thought of. You’ll also find Viewpoint Vista and Spectrum product experts teaching 100’s (literal hundreds!) of sessions that are specific to Spectrum and Vista.

Find your people in the Puppy Pen at Dimensions
Some construction pros find "their people" in the Puppy Pen!

You’ll find Dimensions 2023 very focused on role-oriented workflows and solving everyday headaches. With accounting groups, new capabilities for HR managers, IT-oriented sessions, AP and billing groups, project management processes—and, yes, we’ll be talking about AI—you’re sure to find your flock!

Reports and Construction Metrics Galore

If good construction reporting gives you a little thrill, you’ll be in good company: Dimensions this year has a number of sessions on reporting, dashboards, and pulling the construction analytics you need from your software.

Here are just a couple of our many popular construction reporting sessions:

Trimble Construction One Reporting: The primary collection point for all your customer information. It sits at the center of your data ecosystem and connects to all the office, field, and products you use. It collects data from each of these channels, then lets you organize and act on that data, often in real-time.Join this session if you want to learn more about Tc1 reporting and how you can make your data work for you.

Dashboards and Reports from Vista with Analytics and SSRS reports: Join this session if you want to learn more about Trimble Construction One reporting and how you can make your data work for you.

Artificial Intelligence in Construction

The machines aren’t taking over (are they??), but AI is a hot topic!

AI Part 1: AI in Action: Exploring Trimble Strategy for Construction Innovation. ChatGPT and AI have been buzzwords, but how will they be used to improve Trimble construction ecosystem, including project management and accounting? Get a fast background about the promise and the realities of AI and Large Language Models, and see where Trimble is headed first: automatic invoicing and submittals.

AI Part 2: Deep Dive into AI: An accessible introduction to GPT models. Exploring their potential applications within the construction sector. We will discuss the fundamentals of GPT models, their underlying technology, and some of their known drawbacks. We will demonstrate various use cases, such as automating the analysis of construction documents.

Predictive Analytics: A Window to the Future of Your Business: In today's fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires a keen understanding of industry metrics, trends, and insights. The S-curves dashboard harnesses the power of data analytics and visualizations to provide a comprehensive overview of your job. (perhaps add: how do we clean the data and how can a customer help us with data hygiene).

If AI and machine learning is your jam, Dimensions has this and more!

Of course, flocks just want to have fun. (Didn’t we mention there would be fun?)

A VIP Experience from Beginning to End

Like Trimble, Formula 1 executive Mark Gallagher is driven by a passion for innovation. That’s why Dimensions is kicking off with a keynote from Mark, where he will share a sneak peek at the first-ever Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix, with drivers exceeding 200 mph as they race past The Venetian on a circuit through the neon heart of Las Vegas.

Be the first to hear from the most passionate innovators in the world! At the Construction Startup Competition you’ll find contech entrepreneurs will compete in their final Pitch Day as finalists in the Construction Startup Competition 2023. —the people who are dreaming up new ways to build the infrastructure of tomorrow, while improving sustainable outcomes.

Discover the latest industrial technology on the Expo floor and get pro tips to boost your business, from the likes of Microsoft, CAT, PwC, Construction Equipment, Aatrix, Emburse, Hilti, GCPay, Early Trade, Prophix, and many, many more.

Finally, what if we told you your people would be flocking to one of the hottest exclusive night clubs in Vegas? Dimensions 2023 will be taking attendees to nightlife zen: TAO, a VIP experience at the Venetian Resort.

Come find your people, connect, and take your construction business to the next level at Trimble Dimensions 2023.

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