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If we look at our lives and how busy we all are, getting things done faster is almost always appreciated. Whether it be a rapid auto repair, grocery shopping that’s over before you know it, or a payroll run that is finished fast enough for you to be home with your family an hour earlier, getting the things you have to do done so that you can do the things you want to do is a desire we all have.

In many cases, the need to move more quickly also becomes a business imperative. Increasing profit pressures, customer demands, and unrelenting competition combine to form a perfect storm where speed, and more of it, is the fuel of success.

A Faster Vista Experience

To that end, Viewpoint has invested a significant effort to enhance both the back end batch processing performance and front-end client performance in our market-leading Vista ERP solution.

By removing deadlocks and increasing batch process efficiencies, we have increased the performance of multiple key back-end items, including AP reports, MS ticket imports/uploads, PR timecard imports/uploads and payroll batch processing by a combined average of more than 58% in customer testing.

On the front-end, we have implemented various caching, data compression, request batching and improvements to paging to increase performance by a combined average of approximately 86% across multiple items, including login, form loading, record navigation, report generation, and work centers.

Though your mileage may vary, we have heard reports from many of our beta and alpha customers who have raved about the significant improvements that we have made to performance through results of our Speed Demon III initiative, with customers saying that Vista is now two to three times faster in many areas. In some cases, customers testing against cloud-hosted servers thousands of miles away have referenced performance as being the same or better than what they experience on-premise today.

A Commitment to Customer Success

This is a powerful validation of the time and effort that our team has put into Vista to allow our customers to achieve great things. The video above is an example of the gratitude that we at Viewpoint feel for all of our teams that work tirelessly, day in and out, to ensure that our customers see the best value from their Viewpoint solutions; our thank you to those who made this possible.

It is also our thank you to you, our customer, and a call to action as well. If you have yet to move to version 6.19, featuring Speed Demon III, you don’t know what you’re missing. If you’re using Vista on-premise, now’s the time to download 6.19 and check it out. If you’re in the cloud, you will likely either have it installed or will be upgraded to 6.19 shortly.

Either way, hold tight! The Speed Demon is out and he’s going to plaid!

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Eric is senior Product Manager for ERP Cloud & Platforms at Viewpoint. He has more than 20 years of experience in strategic management, product portfolio management, with extensive expertise in information security, /cyber, enterprise software, systems, cloud, mobile, networking, and compliance.

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