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Cloud Computing

Just How Much is Your Disconnected Jobsite Costing You? (Interactive Infographic)

As contractors modernize, many are moving to integrated, cloud-based technology solutions. See the impact with this interactive infographic.

Construction Software

State of the Construction Industry: November 2018 Roundup

Here’s a look at some of the most intriguing storylines in November as we inch toward the year’s end.

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Project Management

Continuous Job Cost and Billing Data for Project Managers

To address job cost data and billing set backs, modern construction software solutions are providing tools so solve various issues.

Construction Software

Championing Regulatory Compliance with the Right Construction Management Software

Whether you're talking contractor relations, workplace health or safety procedures, be proactive in establishing lawful and compliant practices.

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Construction Software

Spooky Construction Stories to Tell on the Jobsite

Happy Halloween from all of us at Viewpoint!

Construction Conference

State of the Construction Industry: October 2018 Roundup

Drones, Smartphones and Tablets Taking Over Jobsites, Survey Shows

Column of blog entries

Construction Software

Pitfalls of the Disconnected Jobsite

In today's industry, it is vital for construction professionals on the jobsite to stay connected to the contractor's back office.

Business Intelligence

Data Analytics Trends in Construction

Diving Deeper into Construction Data

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