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Construction Software

State of the Construction Industry: August 2019 Roundup

Contractors turning to technology as the construction industry prepares for possible downturn

Construction Software

5 Technology Adoption Lessons Contractors Can Learn from The Avengers

We put together a list of superhero lessons that contractors can learn from some of our favorite Avengers.

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Project Management

Project Managers Driving Demand for Better, Faster Construction Data

We teamed up with Dodge Data & Analytics to produce an extensive industry report on Improving Performance with Project Data.

Construction Labor Shortage

State of the Construction Industry: July 2019 Roundup

The skilled labor shortage, new technologies and the possibility of construction jobsites on Mars are the stories that got our attention in July.

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Cloud Computing

Declare Your Independence from Subpar Construction Software

Integrated Construction Software Boosts Productivity

Construction Software

State of the Construction Industry: June 2019 Roundup

Deadly safety incidents and increased cybersecurity threats are in the spotlight for contractors as June 2019 comes to a close.

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Construction News

State of the Construction Industry: May 2019 Roundup

Rising construction costs, data security concerns and the perils of project mismanagement are some of the interesting stories we read in May 2019.

Construction Software

The Role of Construction Software Technology in Mitigating Risk

If you do a little digging, you may notice that many industries utilize development and maintenance processes that are often repetitive.

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