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Construction Industry Trends

Construction Industry Trends: June 2018 Roundup

AGC Uses Targeted Ads to Try to Prevent Work Zone Crashes

Construction Risk Management

Australia’s Construction Market Poised for Growth

Australian Construction Market Report: A Brief Overview

Column of blog entries

Construction Human Resources

Women to the Rescue: How to Solve The Skilled Labor Shortage in Construction

To address this shortage, construction organizations across the country have begun focusing on women as a target demographic for hiring.

Column of blog entries

New Developments for 179D Energy Efficiency Tax Incentive

The incentive is available to designers and builders of local, state or federal building projects that are newly constructed or renovated.

Project Management

Why Are Contractors Using Fewer Software Applications?

Compared to other industries, construction tends to be slow to go digital. That doesn’t mean the industry isn’t going digital at all, though.

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Construction Technology

Technology Adoption in the Construction Industry

As we approach the end of 2017, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that digital technology and software adoption is happening

Construction IT

The Importance of Security Investments in Construction

As more construction companies integrate technology into their businesses practices, security and data privacy has become a critical component.

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