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Construction Safety

How to Prepare for OSHA’s New Crane Rule

OSHA’s Crane Operator Proposal

Construction Software

The Importance of Planning Ahead with Construction Software Implementations

To ensure your construction software is effective, follow this advice for getting buy-in from employees before a full deployment.

Column of blog entries

Project Collaboration

New-build Housing: A Question of Quality?

New initiatives, technology adopting driving better quality among UK home construction projects.

Construction Software

How to Drive Accurate and Timely Job Costing

In 15 minutes, you can learn how meaningful reports can be developed and utilized quickly for accurate job costing

Column of blog entries

Construction Safety

4 Strategies to Avoiding Rising OSHA Fines in Construction

As a contractor, the thought of an OSHA inspection and possible violations probably makes you a little nervous.

Construction Data

How Specialty Contractors Can Make Sense of Real-Time Construction Analytics

How specialty contractors use real-time construction data and analytics to improve profitability and productivity in 2021.

Column of blog entries

Construction Software

It’s Time to Take Control of Your Construction Field Data

In 15 minutes, learn how ViewpointOne can help a foreman, project manager and payroll manager all capture and review data to improve workflows

Project Management

Understanding Different Value Perspectives

This is the second post in Viewpoint’s new blog series by Richard Scott focusing on the Value of Mobile Field Technology.

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