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Welcome to 2019. It’s a new year. It can be a new you. You’ve made a list and checked it twice…or not. Sometimes, that list gets messy or doesn’t exist at all. Either way, it’s OK! Make a list with a new set of goals that can take you to the next level!

And, while you’re at it, there are things you can do to take your construction organization to new heights as well. Maybe one of your company’s goals is to utilize less paper, modernize your construction operations or build the largest bridge the world. No challenge should be too big or too small, but it’s important to create a set of realistic goals.

Now is a great time to start taking steps toward your construction goals. And we’re here to help you do just that — stick to those resolutions like cement to a sidewalk by giving you a few (hopefully realistic) goals you can accomplish this year. With that in mind, here are five New Year’s resolutions for construction industry professionals:

Inefficient processes can decrease productivity.

Construction project management is hard — a lot of logistics and specific processes have to be followed and often, those day-to-day logistics and tasks change. This makes managing job costs to knowing the quantities of nails you need on a specific wall — and everything in between — daunting and hard to track. Ever-changing construction projects and nature of the industry mean processes are rarely uniform and tidy. However, you can organize your own space. Doing so can make work life easier to tackle. According to, it’s important to eliminate items that you don’t need from your desk or office space. A clear desk means a clear mind which means you can find what is needed quickly to tackle those day-to-day essentials.

2. Improve Your Construction Industry Knowledge

We get it. You’re busy and taking time to read, listen or watch anything related to construction industry trends may sound overwhelming. However, one of the best ways to keep your construction organization moving is to keep your knowledge bank full. Try to digest at least one to two industry articles per month. Most construction education content is less than 30 minutes long. Here are a few of our favorite construction content sources for quick reading:

The Construction Dive – Deep Dive

Construction Dive gives you a deep dive into current industry news and hot topics.


Viewpoint’s very own construction industry blog provides insights into construction industry trends and construction software knowledge. Also, listen to our Podcast if you would rather hear instead of read about the latest construction trends.

Construction Executive

Construction Executive delivers valuable insight into what “…high growth construction organizations are doing differently.” Check it out.

Contech Crew

Another great podcast series to get the latest news releases and industry predictions in a snap.

Capterra construction articles

Learn more about innovations specific to the construction industry and gain access to construction success stories.

3. Help Someone Else in Need

Being the best you can be in 2019 can mean donating a little more to or spending a little more time at a local charity. It also might mean helping a co-worker or employee that may seem like they are having a hard time. Why? Well, this can help boost employee morale and break down communication barriers. It also makes you feel pretty good. If there is something you can do to help a charity or a fellow employee, they are likely to return the favor. It’s a win-win.

4. Make 2019 a Safer Year

Conduct regular safety inspections and keep digital records of them.

Improve productivity, save time, control costs, mitigate organizational risks and, most importantly, protect your team by making sure your organization follows OHSA safety standards and employer responsibilities. It may seem time consuming, but reserving 30-45 minutes a month to read and keep up with OHSA standards and regulations can save your company thousands of dollars in fines and improve your reputation as a construction organization. Constructiondive.comrecommends having daily safety meetings to make sure everyone else on your project team—not only has their hard hats on, but receives regulation reminders that are top of mind and remembered. Make safety a priority. If you do, your employees and your wallet will thank you.

5. Get Tech Savvy

New technologies in the field will help contractors be more productive in 2019.

Believe it or not, you can improve collaboration, productivity and even profits — perhaps even fulfill that goal to build the biggest bridge or building in the world — by advancing your company’s technology. Incorporating construction management software is one of the best ways to modernize operations and advance your organizational growth. Generally, software removes paper processes (do sticky note wallpaper, overflowing file cabinets or a frantic search for a missing document ring any bells?), making your organization more efficient. Also, connecting your entire project team to a single integrated software solution can increase collaboration and decrease communication breakdowns. Modern projects have modern demands, and your company needs to be able to manage them effectively — in real-time, with fewer mistakes, reduced risk and more profits to add to the bottom line. Make 2019 the year to learn more or update your current construction solution.

Take some time and review your organization’s 2019 goals and how to best deliver on them. Remember: even tackling one or two realistic goals can have a significant positive impact on your company’s success.

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