Andy is Marketing Content & PR Manager at Viewpoint. He has worked in the construction software arena since 2011. Previously, he netted multiple awards as a newspaper and trade media editor.

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Construction News

Going Green in Commercial Construction

Sustainable development has become an important factor for the construction industry — leading many contractors to adopt green construction practices.

The Rise of Smart Buildings

In today’s world, “location, location, location” has been replaced by innovation, innovation, innovation.

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Project Management

Managing Construction Projects: 6 Tips for Improving Your Construction Projects

Six project management tips and best practices for simplifying your construction projects — culled from our 35 years of experience.

New Tech Trends Coming to Construction

We are officially living in the future. New technology emerges every day, allowing entire industries to do things they never imagined possible.

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Construction Software

4 Reasons to Consider a Single Provider

While stand-alone solutions can offer compelling functionality, they also carry increased complexity

Project Management

Integrated vs. Best of Breed Project Management Systems – What’s Right for Your Organization?

Construction is a big market – 13% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

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2016 CFMA Annual Conference - Building It Forward

This year’s theme for the 2016 CFMA National Conference was Building It Forward and marked


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Top 11 Field Service KPI's for Subcontractors

When it comes to setting and measuring KPIs, service managers experience better results

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