Andy is Marketing Content & PR Manager at Viewpoint. He has worked in the construction software arena since 2011. Previously, he netted multiple awards as a newspaper and trade media editor.

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Why It’s Time for Contractors to Adopt Collaborative BIM

The JBKnowledge 2017 Construction Technology Report, which covers topics such as software adoption and IT investment.

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Project Management

Why Are Contractors Using Fewer Software Applications?

Compared to other industries, construction tends to be slow to go digital. That doesn’t mean the industry isn’t going digital at all, though.

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Data Analytics

Stop the Finger Pointing: Avoid Mishaps With BI

It’s no surprise the finger-pointing phase happens in many projects. Only 25 percent of construction projects are finished within 10 percent ...

The Top 5 Surveyor Posts of 2017

Without further ado, here are our most popular posts from last year.

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Construction Technology

Technology Adoption in the Construction Industry

As we approach the end of 2017, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that digital technology and software adoption is happening

Project Collaboration

Collaborate to Increase Productivity

Finding skilled workers can be a challenge for the construction industry

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Construction Safety

Cold Weather Jobsite Safety Tips for Construction

Winter is here. Is your crew safe from cold weather related injuries? Find out how to prepare your jobsite for cold weather safety.

Project Management

Subcontractor Solutions for Higher Profits

Construction software has been instrumental in changing the face of the construction industry.

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