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A Word from Our VP of Customer Support

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A Word from Our VP of Customer Support


Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is our roadmap’s foundation. We chose Salesforce and implemented Sales Cloud last year. Currently, we are in process of moving our case, issue and knowledge management to Salesforce Service Cloud. One of the many advantages of a single integrated case management system, is the ability to provide infrastructure allowing all channels (telephone, chat, email, online or SMS) to be managed and easily shifted based on the question being asked. For example, if we start a chat and the question is complex, we will have the ability to switch the chat to the phone and then screen share directly from our connection, saving time and avoiding redundancy.

Additionally, we will be emailing updates on the case as we are working through the case. If the case has an associated product issue, you will receive updates on the issue status so you may plan accordingly.

We heard your feedback about improving the ClearView search experience, providing you with fast, simple access to answers. The underlying search architecture is changing, enabling an easy and smarter search experience. In addition, we will have access to your ClearView history when we speak. This should eliminate or reduce redundant questions and save time.

Our Spectrum customers will have the ability to search all known issues (bugs) and subscribe to updates about to any that may affect your workflows. You’ll be able to extract a listing of all cases with their related issues and history. Similarly, for enhancements, you’ll be able to enter and vote on suggestions, as well as subscribe to updates on suggestion status.

The Viewpoint Learning Center will provide the ability to use predefined workflows or you can use the training content in your company-specific workflow. In addition, we will be updating and providing new training content for all of our products.

Over the next 12 months, you will see many exciting improvements to our systems, allowing for accelerated responses to your requests and questions. We will be completing more formal announcements as these changes become available. If you have other ideas for improving support efficiency, I’d love to hear them at [email protected].

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Kim Kelley is the Vice President of Customer Support at Viewpoint.

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