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Giving Thanks Together

We recently asked our customers to share something they are most thankful for this year. As we read the responses and were moved by their stories of community, opportunity and family that they were thankful for, it made us curious about what our own employees had to share. So, we asked them the same question: what are you thankful for?

Here are some of the submissions we received:

“My family, my close friends and my health”  -Ahmed Smith, Sales Development Representative at Viewpoint

“I am thankful for a job that allows me to contribute to my team, as well as prioritizing my family.-Catrin Riggs, Programmer at Viewpoint

“I'm very thankful for all of the support teams of viewpoint. Without you, we would not be able to complete our jobs correctly and provide fantastic customer service to our client base. Also, I'm thankful for the executive leadership team at Viewpoint. They always make sure that sales reps have the tools they need to be successful.” -Hollie Wells-Robinson, Field Sales Representative at Viewpoint

The Robsinson Family

“I'm thankful for amazing co-workers who can have fun, but also get the work done. Our Viewpoint family makes coming to work each week a joy. Thankful for the laughter we have during our meetings and the value we provide our customers with.” -Jessica Hardenburger, Program Manager at Viewpoint

My six-year old daughter who inspires me every day to see things in a different light, be present in every moment or I'll miss something important, say "hi" to everyone I see and be the best I can be.” -Kathleen Orazio, Customer Advocacy Marketing Manager, Viewpoint

Kathleen's daughter strikes a pose.

“My wife and two children. They are the purpose for me showing up to work every day. And to work for and with a great company with great benefits and career development opportunities.” -Ryan Foreman, Renewals Specialist at Viewpoint

“I am thankful for my wife and daughter as they teach me something new every day!” -Justin Olson, Business Development Manager at Viewpoint

“I'm thankful for a great job with great people. I'm thankful for my family.” -Deak Allison, Inside Sales Representative at Viewpoint

Deak and his son.

“I am thankful and excited to be involved with a company and parent company that is in the middle of the disruption of Construction Technology. I have worked for many years to bring forward transparent communication between the Office, Team and Field staff to allow them more time to do analysis, the job they were hired to do, than duplicate input and paper processing.” -Randall Kaufmann, Management Consultant at Viewpoint

"For 20 years before coming to Viewpoint I worked from my home office as an independent contractor. I am now thankful for the opportunity to come into an office every day and be part of a team of great people who take pride in their work and celebrate success. You are my friends, my teammates, my tribe." -Guy Armstrong, Instructional Designer, Viewpoint

Guy's Learning and Enablement Team at Viewpoint

On behalf of our entire team at Viewpoint, we want to let you know that we are collectively the most thankful for you, our customers and partners in the construction industry. Each of you are doing amazing things to make our world a better place to live in and we are grateful to be a part of this industry alongside you.

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