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A KNOCK-OUT Speaker to Headline the Collaborate 2021 User Conference


Four-time world boxing champion and inspirational speaker Laila Ali will headline Viewpoint's 2021 Collaborate conference as keynote speaker.

You heard us right: Undefeated boxing champion Laila Ali is our “knock-out” inspirational keynote speaker for Collaborate 2021!

Laila Ali is a four-time undefeated boxing world champion, with 24 wins (21 of which were knockouts)...and exactly zero losses. Ali, the daughter of late beloved icon and humanitarian Muhammad Ali, is considered the most successful female in the history of women’s boxing -- and we can’t wait to watch her at Collaborate 2021, Viewpoint’s 10th annual user conference!

Viewpoint's Collaborate conference celebrates its 10th year in 2021. The conference has grown into one of the industry's preeminent conferences with thousands of contractors attending.

But Ali’s success in the ring, and in life, was hard-won. Besides being a world-class boxer, Laila Ali is a mom, CEO, actress, TV host, and many other public roles. She will be talking about achieving success in a difficult environment, something we all can relate to while doing business in a changing world.

Laila Ali began boxing in 1999, when she was 18 years old. Her eight-year professional boxing career including titles in the World Boxing Council, Woman’s International Boxing Association (WIBA), International Women’s Boxing Federation (IWBF); and International Boxing Association female super middleweight titles, and the IWBF light heavyweight title. One of Ali’s most-anticipated wins was a match against boxer Jacqui Frazier-Lyde, Joe Frazier's daughter — mirroring three “Super Fight” matches between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier held between 1971 and 1975.

Ali has moved on from boxing to become a TV host and personality (you might have caught her on Dancing With the Stars!), as well as author, fitness and wellness coach, chef, children’s advocate, CEO of the Laila Ali Lifestyle Brand — and mother of two children.

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