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A Conversation on Bringing Order and Profitability Back to Construction


Our very own chief product and strategy officer, Matt Harris had a chance to sit down with Eric Anderton, host of the Construction Genius podcast, to discuss how to leverage technology to bring order and profitability to your construction business. Harris talked with Anderton about the critical role tech plays in the construction and how it will continue to transform the work being done within companies and on the jobsite.

Here’s a quick recap of this very informative podcast:

Operating in Construction’s ‘New Normal’

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how construction jobsites - and contractors - operate.

The conversation started with the very timely topic of the current COVID-19 pandemic and how a health crisis is often shortly followed by a financial crisis. Harris talked through what construction companies should be focused on to continue operations now and how to prepare for the future. “Good data software provides fundamental visibility into what is happening in real-time. During this time of uncertainty it is imperative to have crisp clarity around items such as profit and loss, profit fade and time and materials usage,” Harris said.

Harris also talked through some different planning scenarios to provide some insights into key metrics to look for, common and different challenges both large and small construction companies share, fundamental challenges in implementing new construction solutions and many other relevant observations to help construction firms realize increased benefits from their construction software.

Some interesting takeaways from the conversation Harris had with Construction Genius Podcast are that right now large and small construction firms are facing similar challenges with distributed workforces and the need to bring all the information together into one platform to make critical business decisions. “Best performing contractors can directly connect their activities to a job in a single platform that provides real-time visibility.”

Now is the Time to Modernize

More and more contractors are digitally transforming their operations to become more data-driven contractors.

Harris provided some final words of advice for listeners as they are contemplating tech changes and possibly bringing changes into their organization. “Project work may be slowing and it’s a great time to retune your infrastructure. Reach out to your current technology partner and find gaps or improved solutions. It is also a good time to re-evaluate and get rid of any tech solution that is not meeting your current or future needs,” Harris said.

The episode is a great resource to any construction company that is considering a tech upgrade or looking for some general information on how to leverage technology to bring order and profitability to your business.

Listen to the entire episode here. Or, connect with Viewpoint today to learn how the right construction software can restore order and boost profitability for your own organization.

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