3 Steps to Convincing Your Manager to Send You to Collaborate 2018


We know you want to come to our Collaborate 2018 conference. After all, it’s quickly becoming one of the construction industry’s premier events. We understand you are anxious to learn tons of new construction management software skills in sessions based on your role, network alongside others in the industry, hear the latest industry trends and best practices from leading industry speakers and explore Portland in October. However, your manager may not be aware of all of these benefits of attending Collaborate 2018.

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. With these three steps including a helpful email template, we are certain you’ll be booking your flight to Portland in no time.

Step 1. Do your research!

Have you seen all of the sessions and role-based learning tracks we are offering this year? You can find them all here. Use the filter feature to search by your role, or the products you use. Once you’ve compiled a list of the sessions you would benefit from, use this to help support your case for attending. Your manager wants you to continue learning and becoming better at your job, so this is a great opportunity for you both to benefit!

Step 2: Write this email.

Let us help you with this step. We have done this before, and we know the value of this event like the back of our hand. We’ve created a simple email template you can use to build your case for attending the conference. The template breaks down the return on investment your attendance would bring. View the full template here to copy and paste into the body of your email.


Step 3: Offer supporting evidence.

Hearing it from you is great, but your manager may respond better to an outside opinion. Back yourself up with stories from past attendees! You can find loads of quotes from previous attendees here, but here are just a few examples:

“Attending Collaborate 2017 was a great learning opportunity. There were great sessions to attend that included speakers that helped you grow in your professional career along with learning about the software. The road map of what is to come was great to see and always a highlight. With the number of attendees, the networking was invaluable.”

–Corporate Controller

“I love how easy it was to talk to different ‘experts’ within Viewpoint to get answers to questions or new ideas on how we can solve our own problems/issues.”

–Project Manager

“It’s not even a question of whether I’ll be going again, I tell my manager I need to. It’s so beneficial. Just to get to interface with the software people and see what they’re actually building, give my feedback and know that it’s being heard – it’s really exciting.”

—Software Engineer

Also, attach this video so they can see what the Collaborate user conference is all about:

Hopefully you’re ready now and have all the tools you need to show your manager the true value of sending you to Portland for Collaborate 2018. If you need anything else or if your manager has further questions, get ahold of us by emailing [email protected].

Chances are, by the time you share all of this information with them, you will not only have convinced your manager to let you attend, but they will want to come with you!